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May 4, 2012

After posting my last entry, I saw an old post of mine about moving to Midori from Chromium. And well…. that didn’t last ;]

I still like Midori, and I still like webkit, but I found myself making Midori more and more… Emacs like. That’s when I finally came across Conkeror. My partner is disgusted I’m back on a Firefox based browser (he’s scarred from the memory leaks on windows…) , but frankly I don’t mind it so much. I don’t have to deal with as many headaches dealing with incompatible sites, and the work-flow and configuration are just what I was looking for. It also works out for moving from machine to machine (my current machines bring me between Linux and 3 different *BSDs) as most have a [reasonably] recent version of Firefox/Xulrunner, and Conkeror is written as a javascript frontend; I can install it in my home directory and carry it with me whatever machine I go to.

I haven’t done anything crazy that hasn’t been documented well on the wiki, except for the launcher script (nothing special really, just calls ‘exec firefox -app (location of conkeror)’)

And what may be me parroting myself from before: I am aware of Uzbl, and theoretically it seems like an ideal browser, but I’m still not there ;] Maybe someday…

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