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I’m just a chemistry graduate student who enjoys open source software. I’m mainly a synthetic organic chemist working in materials chemistry. However, the broad interdisciplinary nature of “materials science” has serendipidously exposed me to computational chemistry, which has allowed me to have some nice overlap between my two main interests.

I started this blog to act as a sort of record-keeping of my more customized setups and configurations, while writing it and publishing it for other people in order for others to possibly learn something from it.

  1. There is nothing “just” about chemistry grad students – you guys are awesome! Loving the blog – I had same idea of using parrallela for computational chemistry – but am currently lacking the board as I am skint :(

    • Haha thanks, this certainly made my day :D

      I’m not sure if they are still doing it, but Adapteva was giving out SSH access to a parallella cluster for people to use. Definitely worth an inquiry on the forums.

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